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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Our Baby is Half a Year Old!

Today is Aletheia's six month birthday. I'm busy cramming for a doctoral class, so we didn't really celebrate, but Allie didn't seem to mind. This shot was taken in our new living room, where she was playing with her Sesame Street toy. It has levers and buttons and wheels to pull, push and turn, making little characters pop up. After her mom showed her how it worked, Aletheia got the hang of it and started pressing down on the button that makes Elmo pop out of his yellow box, closing the lid on him, and then doing it again. As previously mentioned, she is the world's smartest baby girl.

For the curious: now you can see what our new carpet looks like. And also my DVD and CD players, and associated wiring. I need something to fill that space, so feel free to mail me an Xbox.

Here's an overhead view of the same scene:

20070103 Aletheia 007 APOD

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Pat said...

Happy six-months birthday - Aletheia!!

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