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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mountain Girl

I've been wanting to get a picture of Aletheia with our local mountains as a backdrop for a while now, but I finally made time to do it today. The weather was clear and sunny, but some snow was still visible on the peaks. I couldn't decide which of these shots I liked better, so (lucky you!) you get them both. Makes up for missing an update yesterday.

20070124 Aletheia 001 APOD

20070124 Aletheia 012 APOD

6 Months, 21 Days


Pat said...

Choices - choices. You're right, they are both great pictures. I think I like the first one - no the second one- no the first one. Every time I look I change my mind. It's just great to have so many wonderful pictures!

Melissa said...

Definitely the 2nd one. She just looks so ecstatically happy! I like "drunk" aletheia too by the way...

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