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Friday, January 05, 2007

I Thought This Was Funny

Someone dropped by this blog on December 18th after searching yahoo for "pictures of the world's prettiest girl." (We are, at the moment, the #1 hit if you search for that phrase. That really cracks me up. According to yahoo, if you want to see the world's prettiest girl, you've come to the right place.) I wonder if this is what they had in mind? Came back on the 20th, so maybe so. Hello, New Jersey web surfer, whoever you are. Maybe someone who had been here before but didn't bookmark it and forgot how to spell Aletheia. Maybe someone looking for Miss Universe pictures. I love these little mysteries.


Tina said...

you have a beautiful baby. Have a great new year. give us a call sometime. 951-340-0454

luv michelle and tina
from california

janjanmom said...

She is very pretty!! Enjoyed bantering with you at Preacher Mike's.

Pater Aletheias said...

Thanks for dropping by, janjanmom. Enjoyed the banter with you, too!

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