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Monday, October 08, 2007

Upward Bound

Another week without many updates. I had a conference in Dallas this last weekend, and I took Aletheia with me so she could spend the weekend with her Grammy and Granddaddy. It's interesting being a father flying with your infant daughter. Lots of fairly obnoxious comments from strangers.

"I bet she's a real handful."
Not really. She's pretty calm and usually refrains from making unflattering assumptions about the people in line with her.

"Are you flying alone?"
Congratulations! I see that the cleverly designed android in my arms didn't fool you. Yes, I am flying alone.

"Are you taking her to see her mommy?"
Actually, I don't know who her real mommy is. She was left in the video store where I work, right in between "The Bad News Bears" and "Leprechaun IV."

Okay, I didn't actually say those things, but after a while the weird comments started getting pretty annoying. When my wife flies with Aletheia, she gets comments like. "Oh, what a precious little girl." "Are you going to see Grandma?" "Didn't I see her on a blog somewhere?"

I wouldn't have thought that Daddies flying with their kids would be that unusual these days, but I guess I was wrong.

Today's picture was taken at Aunt Lisa's house up in the mountains. Aletheia scrambled up on top of the table on the back deck. She was very proud of herself.

14 Months, 26 Days


Pat said...

We had a wonderful time when you came to visit. The only problem is that now we really, really miss you. We are so looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.
Oh yes, I think you are going to have special visitors soon - Memaw and Papaw. Have fun!!

sinclair said...

that's hilarious!!! what a great idea, to post about comments you hear from people and wish you could say what you are thinking...but we love Jesus :)

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