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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Somos Amigos

4 Months, 8 Days

We visited Cuidad Juarez, Mexico today to meet up with our friends Enrique and Anay. Here we are at Rudy and Nelly's restaurant, after Sandy and Anay decided to switch babies for awhile.

Anay is already planning a wedding for Aletheia and Enrique, Jr. She calls Aletheia "my future daughter-in-law."

Note to mi familia: we were completely safe the whole time. Completely. We were in safe, touristy areas during daylight hours. Anay has four kids total and every one of them survived lunch. No problemo! So don't freak out that we took a four-month-old across the border. There are, like, 23,000 four-month-old girls in Juarez. Ours fit right in. Did I say we were completely safe the whole time? Because, really, we were. Really.

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Pat said...

So now we have an internatioal baby! This is a must have for an end of the year book.

Pretty picture of all - especially mommy. Motherhood certainly agrees with her. Look at that glow!!!

Papaw says, "hi".
Memaw says, "I can't wait to see my baby."

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