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Friday, May 30, 2008

Smoky Mountain Trip

We managed to take off a couple of days for a barely-planned trip to the Smokies. It was Aletheia's first time to go camping--she did great! We helped her get the idea by setting up the tent in the front yard before we left. You can it in the background of this shot.

200805 Smokies APOD

You can also see our cars--a Pontiac Vibe and a Scion xB. Interesting side note--we used to get comments like "well, that's a little bitty car isn't it?" and "what does it want to be when it grows up?" That was before gas hit $4.00 a gallon. Now what we hear most often is "Hey, what kind of gas mileage do you get in that?" Big, burly guys with handlebar mustaches and pet bears will run up to me in the parking lot to ask about fuel efficiency. Not so many jokes as there used to be.

Here Mommy and Aletheia give the tent a trial run. It seems to work.

200805 Smokies-8 APOD

In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a place called Cade's Cove. It's a large valley surrounded by mountains that was settled in the early 1800's, and many of the original buildings are still there--including three churches. I think this shot is from the Primitive Baptist one, but it might be Methodist. Methodist would be better, because they probably wouldn't mind dancing inside quite so much.

200805 Smokies-56 APOD

And here's a series taken within seconds of each other during a gas stop.

200805 Smokies-81 APOD

200805 Smokies-82 APOD

200805 Smokies-85 APOD

200805 Smokies-87 APOD

200805 Smokies-89 APOD

200805 Smokies-91 APOD

Later that day, back in the park, we did the hike up to Laurel Falls.

200805 Smokies-116 APOD

There were more mixed emotions on the second leg of the journey.

200805 Smokies-122 APOD

200805 Smokies-127 APOD

More trip highlights coming soon!

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Pat said...

Thanks for all the pictures.

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