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Friday, February 01, 2008

Aletheia's New Bedroom

We're still getting settled in, but slowly things are coming together in the new house. For Aletheia's room, we're continuing the ladybug theme, but the room itself is a little toned down compared to the old house. There, we had a different color on each wall--yellow, blue, red and green. Here we have three white walls, and one deep shamrock green. We might have gone with red for that one, but that seemed a little much. Still, I like color.

20080201 Aletheia-20 APOD

This is the east wall, where the changing table is, plus one of Aletheia's favorite parts of the room, her mirror.

20080201 Aletheia-21 APOD

Turning to the left, on the south wall we have a wide window with red curtains.

20080201 Aletheia-11 APOD

Slight left again and we're looking at the southwest corner of the room. More ladybugs on the wall and the shelf, plus you get a glimpse of the ladybug dresser I painted for her before she was born.

20080201 Aletheia-9 APOD

West wall. You might notice the nightlight is upside down. For some reason, all the outlets in the whole house are like that. It's not too inconvenient, except when we have to stand on our heads to watch TV.

20080201 Aletheia-15 APOD

North wall. The kid has a lot of books. Which is good because sitting down and turning the pages of a book is absolutely her favorite thing to do. And it doesn't matter if it has pictures or not. She seems just as happy with The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe as she does with Goodnight, Moon.

Weird kid. But I like her.

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