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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

First Taste of Chocolate Cake.

Duck head's cake, of course.

More details when we get a chance. Expect the full party rundown soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aletheia! I hope everyone had a good time! The cake looks yummy! Have a great 4th as well! Love- Deborah

Anonymous said...

Happpy Birthday Aletheia! You look so big and happy. My card is on its way. Be sure and beg to go shopping with your money. God Bless. Grandma Judy loves you very much.

Anonymous said...

Aletheia has such a huge family! Many of whom I've seen here before, like Grammie, Memaw and Nana Freda but who is Grandma Judy?I read this blog religiously and haven't heard of her.

Pater Aletheias said...

Hey, anonymous!

Man, you really do pay attention, don't you? It's like this: Grammie (or Grammy--I don't think there is an official ruling yet) is Aletheia's paternal grandmother, Memaw is Grammie's mother, and Nana Freda is a family friend who has virtually adopted Aletheia. Grandma Judy is Aletheia's maternal grandmother. We don't have any pictures of her with Allie because she just had a short visit when Aletheia was a couple of days old and was called away on an emergency. At the time we thought we'd see her again soon, so we didn't break out the camera, but unfortunately it's been almost a year now. Maybe we'll get to see her again in the next few months.

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