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Thursday, May 10, 2007

At The Breakfast Table

One of the world's most loved great-grandchildren is hidden somewhere in this photo. Can you spot her?

Update: You know, looking at this picture today, I keep thinking that I don't see a baby in it. A little, little, little kid, but not a baby. I think if I were a stranger viewing it out of context, I wouldn't ask "Who's that baby?" I'd ask, "Who's the kid?"

In the past couple of weeks, Aletheia seems to have hit a stage where every day she's noticeably a little less of a baby and a little more a toddler. I called her name this morning and she looked at me with a classic "Am I in trouble?" expression--eyes wide, expectant. We hadn't seen her look that way before and the Other Parent and I couldn't stop laughing. But it wasn't baby-behavior. It was kid-behavior.

Good stuff. All of it. But I didn't think baby nostalgia would start setting in before she learned any verbs.

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