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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lounging Around

7 Months, 10 Days


Pat said...

This is so funny. Now which parent does she take after?
Whatever are you feeding her? You have to STOP! She is growing so fast. When I look at how much she is changing I realize all I miss out on not being able to see her more often. She looks like she could just lounge on the sofa and hold a long conversation with you.
Aletheia - I hope I get to see you real soon! Grammy

Pater Aletheias said...

As far as which parent she takes after, personality-wise, I'm going to have to say me (so far). Not that I remember what I was like at seven months, but she's pretty quiet and content to play by herself for long stretches of time, and that's definitely more me than her mother. When it comes to her features, I still think she has her mommy's eye color and mouth shape, but I think her eye shape and the general shape of her head comes from me. But Allie's mommy might disagree.

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