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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hanging Around With the Big(ger) Girls

A blurry action pic with Lilliana (left) and Caitlin.

Lilliana and her little sister Hannah are Aletheia's best friends. Every time we go to church she starts the "Lilliana-Hannah-Lilliana-Hannah" chant from her car seat while we're still in the parking lot. She even talks about them when she's on the phone to Grammy or Memaw.

"Lilliana-Hannah friends!"

Which brings me to another interesting point--Aletheia seems to mentally cluster people by who they belong with. So while it's possible for her to talk about individuals, she usually mentions a couple or trio of people:

Mark and Lisa
Uncle Kasey, Tia Mia* and Coben Dan

And often throughout the day she'll say "Mommy, Daddy, A-lay-ee-uh" Everyone is in a relationship cluster. Maybe that's not unusual for kids, but it is striking pronounced in her. And so "Lilliana-Hannah." They're filed together.

Also, I think watching the older girls swing has prompted Aletheia's recent interest in the "big kids' swing." She's trying to graduate out of the toddler swing, and--based on tonight's performance--doing a good job of it. She swung herself for about 10 minutes and then dismounted perfectly. One more step out of babyhood.

*Allie can't quite say "Maria." But "Tia Mia" sounds cute, anyway.

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