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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beach Girl 3

I know you can't see the kid very well in this one, but I really liked the overall feel of the picture and decided to post it.

It's a rough night to be a 20-month-old in our family. Allie has some kind of stomach bug. She vomited over and over until there was nothing left, and then went into dry heaves for a while. That's hard to watch. We're doing our best to get some Pedialyte down her--she won't take her sippy cup, but if we put it in an eye-dropper and tell her it's medicine, she acquiesces. He temp is hovering around 98, so I guess that's okay. We'll try to get her in to the pediatrician in the morning unless there is some kind of drastic improvement.

In other news this week, Aletheia is getting much better at using a spoon, and she's decided that she wants to use the big-girl potty after her baths. We weren't pushing to start potty training this early, but if she's interested, we're not saying no, either.

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