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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Belated Birthday Gift

Sorry for the long hiatus! I took a trip to California to pick up a car I bought on Ebay (and which the seller subsequently refused to sell, leaving me to walk to a motel and fly home again the next day...long story there) and then I flew to North Carolina to close on our new house and do some painting before we move the furniture in next month. Anyway, I'm back now, and should be doing regular update for a while.

Yesterday we received a package containing Aletheia's birthday gifts from Uncle Kasey and Tia Maria. This nifty outfit was one of the gifts, and it fits her perfectly, even though it's a 2T and she's only 16 months old. Aletheia's really tall for her age. Thanks for the gifts, guys!

16 Months, 15 Days

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Pat said...

So glad you're back to posting. I've just been scanning slides of you when you were a little older than Aletheia. I thought I'd check the update before going to bed and I wasn't disappointed.

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