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Friday, October 20, 2006

Beautiful Baby

I'm sure I'd love her if she weren' t the prettiest baby in the world, but, fortunately, we'll never have to find out.

I had a weird dream the other day that Aletheia was sick and the doctors were having a hard time making a diagnosis. One of them turns to me and says, "Well, there is one possibility we could consider, but we'll have to observe her for the next three months. Or we could try to diagnosis it from photographic evidence, but we'd need to have a picture of her from almost every single day since she was born. And no one takes that many pictures of their kids."

We do!

3 Months, 15 Days


Pat said...

I thought you couldn't beat yesterday's picture, but this one is great! I don't think I can decide which I like best. It looks like mommy took these pictures - right? Great job!

Pater Aletheias said...

Yep, mommy took these. Occasionally she gets a better picture than the ones I take, but that's only because Allie is happier and prettier when she's with me.

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