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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Apple Dreams

Age: 22 Days


Pat said...

Thank goodness you posted this by 10:59 Texas time! Now I can go to bed. You know when school starts you will need to post by 8:00 so I can get some sleep. After all I am a grandmother now.

As alway I look forward to the daily picture. Must admit I need a little help on your title today. I didn't see any apples in the picture. I know I'm missing something.

How about we blame it on being tired instead of "old age"?

Patti said...

Sleeping babies make the best subjects. Not only do they look so blessedly peaceful and sweet, but it's rock solid documentation that you're doing something right.

This is something I didn't realize until after the baby was born. You will on some level, mistakenly or not, judge your parenting success by how well the baby sleeps.

Oh, and there's also the side effect that if you happen to be sleepless yourself, you can look at the pictures of the baby sleeping and sigh with jealousy.

Quietly. Very quietly.

Pater Aletheias said...

The apples are on the quilt she is sleeping on.

I'm afraid the staff at Aletheia, Inc. can make no specific promises regarding time of picture posting. Perhaps you should only check in the morning, and always be delighted by a new picture, regardless of when it was posted the previous day.

Pat said...

I'm still trying to get the hang of publishing a comment. I think I do it a different way every time.

I agree that seeing a new picture of Allie would be a wonderful way to start the day. I think I'll try making that switch and wait until tomorrow morning for todays picture.

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